Mul-ti-function Transformer

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This machine is special for purifying and regenerating the old insulation oil.
This machine is not only purifying the oil, but also can regenerate the seriously deteriorated insulating oil.
The treated oil can be used again in transformer, and other insulation system. Meanwhile, this machine can be as dryer and oiling machine for drying the electrical apparatus, and injecting the insulating oil into the transformer under the vacuum situation. So it is very suitable for electrical apparatus manufacture factory, power station, power supply department, transformer in railroad station and other department.

Besides the common vacuum oil purifiers function of dewatering, degassing and eliminating impurities, this machine can regenerate the seriously deteriorated oil by removing the polarity materials such as the deep oxides, free carbon in the oil effectively. It can make the seriously deteriorated oil reach to the normal index like anti-oxides, acid-alkali water-solubility.
The performance and lifetime of insulating oil will be improved and extended extremely after purification and regeneration.
This machine can be as a dryer and oiling machine for drying the electrical apparatus, and injecting the insulation oil into the transformer under the vacuum situation. All functions in the machine can run at the same time and work separately.
Operation is security and reliable.
Three ways of using: The vacuum dehydration, degassing and particles removal system. They can work independently, so does the regeneration oil system, and also they can work at the same time.

It can not only remove the water, gas and impurities which mixed in the oil, but also improve many values reach to the national standard such as the acid value, pH value. Meanwhile, it improves the voltage-withstand value through filtering the polarity materials like free carbon, deep oxides and so on, making sure the security of electrical apparatus. 


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